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We connect the dots for you

Practical & Tailor-Made Revenue Solutions for your business in 2020 and beyond.


We Bring Digital transformation to your Company

Respecting your brand’s values & goals, we build your digital presence. Wether it be just creating an impactful website or drafting an entire tailor-made marketing plan.


Retail becomes an Important Partner to the Web

Your retail will be a significant part in the digitalisation process, keeping an important role in your company’s success. We create meaningful web-to-store and store-to-web alliances.


We create Processes so you can better manage your Business

By organising this digital transformation, your team will be able to perform better so you can always be on top of your business & have access to important information.

we are problem solvers

we are problem solvers

We Solve Real Problems

Practically, what can we do for you?

We build Converting Websites & E-shops

From a single landing page to the creation of a fully blown ecommerce website.

We Boost them with SEO & Content

A site optimised for Google & a yearly Blog Calendar to position you as a specialist in the field.

We advertise them on Facebook & Google

From the creation of banners & messages to the setup of campaigns & targeting.

We even Empower them through Social Media

With a specific Social Media Calendar & the goal to increase user engagement.

We Envelop them with an Attractive Branding

Graphics that are show stoppers help optimise all the above & provide customer loyalty.

We Connect them to Retail with an Holistic Strategy

Stores are connected with your website through unique branding & marketing actions.

we focus on your goals

we focus on your goals

Meet Our Clients

A mix of Different Industries

Mariana Skiadopoulou
Marketing Director, Drops Laundry

Joining Dots have amazingly brought together Retail & Digital, transforming not only our presence online but also the way we implement marketing campaigns across all channels. We have noted a positive impact on Customer retention as well as the acquisition of New - digital - customers!

Yiagos Alexopoulos
Co-owner, The Seaside Villa

An immense thank you for the incredible website you have created for us alongside to the creation of the logo & visual identity. Empowered by the Real time Booking system, that feeds availabilities from other booking platforms, you have made our day-to-day so much more pleasant and easy.

What our Clients say

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